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Tailor-made training course to become a blacksmith

The various courses are composed of a set number of units but we can adjust to your needs and you can custmize your own course..

You can join almost any course and spread your training across time. And this is also possible for vocational training. The trainees in that case join the various groups enlisted in a vocational training scheme.

If you interested :

  • Browse through our different programmes and choose the units you are interested in.
  • Send us an e'mail with your contact details, specifying the course you want to apply for as well as the number of hours you can spare for your training
  • On receiving your mail, we will study your application, see how we can adjust to your demand and fit it in our agenda.
  • You will then be interviewed by the person in charge with whom you will set up a project which can meet your expectations.
  • We will also study with you your training.
  • Ask for information