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Introducing the forge workshop

The workshop is located in a tourist area close to a Crocodile Farm

training courses in forging

A few words about the workshop :

  • The staff includes many professionals confirmed in their trades.
  • A wide range of training courses is available, covering initiation to improving a specific skill. They also open the way professional qualification as a blacksmith.
  • The 225 square-meter workshop is equiped with 8 posts an guarantees high-standart learning conditions.
  • You can access to a lot of information : books, magazines, computer programmes and videos are available..
  • You will be able to work with top-quality materials, professional tools and performing machines.
  • Individual lockers to keep your personal belonging are also available as well dressin-room, a dining-room and fully-equiped kitchen. You can get accommodation in confortable flats just next to the workshop.

Some photos :

Including : forging post, work-tables, wood-containers, polishing machines, the leather workshop.